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Should You Close Your Pool Now or Keep it Open?

Aside from the fact that the summer is way too short, there’s one other slightly irritating thing about Toronto’s climate for pool owners. One year it can feel like summer never started, and another year we can be warm(ish) going into December.

Why is that irritating? Every year, pool owners have to go through the process of deciding when to close their pool. In other words, unlike the cottage, when you can say “open by May 24, close at Thanksgiving”, there’s no set date for closing your pool.

And the consequences of your decision can be significant. Close too early and you could miss out on some extra swimming days. Close too late and you might even damage your pool.


How to Decide If You Should Close Your Pool

Yet another thing that affects when you close your pool is your own preference and habit. If you like swimming in cooler temperatures for exercise, then you’ll want to keep the pool open longer.

In any case, the problem remains the same. Should you close the pool sooner than later. Here are just a few things to consider.


1. Do You Want to Keep it Heated?

Even if you have a solar or insulating blanket, your pool can lose heat much faster in the fall. That means the added cost of heating, and wear and tear on your heater, if you keep it open.


2. Do You Want to Keep it Clean?

Even if you have a hardcover, you’ll at least have to keep the cover free of leaves and debris.


3. How Much More Swimming Do You Think You Might Do?

This is the big question. If you could answer it for sure, you’d know when to close the pool. But, if you’re thinking that you’ll keep the pool open in case we get a good shot of Indian Summer, think about if you really would break out the swimming trunks, peel off the cover and do everything else you do to start swimming again.

If it sounds like we’re trying to discourage you from keeping your pool open a little longer, we’re not. If you use your pool regularly, then, of course, you should continue to use it. Lots of people keep the pool open through the winter. But, before you keep it open wondering “what if there’s one more great weekend this year?” it’s good to know the full implications of extending your pool season. And when you are ready to close the pool, give us a shout here at Aveco.