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The Factors That Determine the Water Colour of Your Pool

Your backyard landscape isn’t quite as versatile as your interior décor. It’s not like you can do much about the colour of your lawn.

But if you have an inground swimming pool, especially if it has a vinyl liner, you have more options. While they all are shades of blue, there are a surprising number of different shades that you can choose for your pool, based on a surprising number of factors.


5 Factors that Affect the Colour of Your Pool

The colour of your pool can have a huge effect on the look of your entire yard, especially in combination with the colours of the pool deck and surrounding landscape plants and features.

  1. The Colour & Pattern of Your Vinyl Pool Liner - This may be obvious, but considering the variety of vinyl pool liner patterns, it's important to have an appreciation of the effect of the liner colour and pattern. Basically, pool liners can give the pool a deep blue, light blue or aqua colour.

  2. The Sky - Just like the ocean, your pool reflects the colour of the sky. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about the sky being a beautiful blue one day and a dark gray the next. But you can include sky exposure in your decision making about the colour you want for your pool.

  3. Surrounding Foliage - If your pool is set against a backdrop of trees and shrubs, their green colours will give the pool a more aquamarine shade of blue.

  4. Pool Depth - Shallower pools will generally have a lighter colour and let more of the liner colours come through. A deeper pool will be a darker blue.

  5. Direct Sunlight - In addition to the blues and grays of the sky, direct sunlight makes the pool’s water colour lighter.


A new vinyl liner is one of the most popular swimming pool upgrades. Now you know how to make a better choice!


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