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Can a Replacement Vinyl Liner be Installed in a Concrete Pool?

It seems like a fairly straightforward question. Except the ultimate answer to whether a replacement vinyl liner can be installed in a concrete pool is anything but straightforward.

Starting on the simple side of the equation, the answer is “yes” a vinyl pool liner can be installed in a concrete pool. So what’s not straightforward about that?

While a vinyl liner can be used in a concrete pool, that’s not the question you should be asking.


Should A Vinyl Liner Liner Be Used In A Concrete Pool?

Most concrete pool owners who are considering the installation of a vinyl liner probably have a problem with their pool. Maybe it's a leak, or maybe it’s time for a pool resurfacing, or maybe the pool needs new tiles.

In any case, the cost of repairing a concrete pool can often be more than the cost of a vinyl liner. So why not get a liner that will fix the leak, eliminate the need for resurfacing and make it look like you have new tiles?

First, there are many considerations beyond just choosing your liner pattern. If you decide to convert your pool to vinyl, the pool must be measured for the new liner, a bead receiver must be installed around the pool, and the skimmer, returns, main drains and other fittings around the pool, must be converted to suit the liner. And complications can arise if you have steps or other underwater contours.

Still, even if you’re aware of all the issues you face with the differences between concrete and vinyl pools, you still likely need to think twice about using a vinyl liner. One frequent problem is rough concrete surfaces rubbing against the vinyl. Vinyl liners are designed to expand and contract. When that happens over a rough surface or edge, it can cause excessive wear and tear on the liner.

Concrete pool owners who are thinking about a vinyl liner should talk to a pool renovation specialist. Except, don’t talk to just any specialist. A concrete pool specialist will warn you against liners at all costs. A vinyl pool specialist will tell you that liners will solve all your problems. The truth about whether a vinyl liner is a good option for your concrete pool depends on your concrete pool and why you want or need a liner. And you can only get an honest answer from a company that works with vinyl and concrete pools, like Aveco!


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