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3 Swimming Pool Upgrades that Make Life Easier


All of us search high and low for ways to make life easier. Whether you’ve enjoyed any success in your search, we’re here to tell you that the answer may be as close as your swimming pool!

Normally, when you think about swimming pool upgrades, visions of waterfalls,, spas and cabanas dance in your head. While they are all excellent upgrades for your pool, they merely make your life more enjoyable, not necessarily easier.

Make Your Life Easier with These Swimming Pool Upgrades

Not sure about our “make your life easier” claim? Check out the following pool renovation and upgrade ideas and see for yourself.

Smart Pool Control Systems

Think about how much time and effort you spend turning on your pool and/or spa’s heater, water jets, lights, water features and cleaning processes. Consider the time to get to your equipment pad and get to the switches - every time you want to turn things on and again when you want to turn them off.How much easier would it be to do it all from your smartphone? Realized you forget to turn things off when you’re out for dinner? No problem!

Saltwater Conversions

How much do you enjoy measuring, mixing and double-checking chlorine liquid or tablets? And what about knowing that you have to do it sometime today? Few people think of it this way, but one of the main benefits of a salt water conversion for your swimming pool is that it takes the headaches and hassles out of pool maintenance. In other words, it makes your life easier!

Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

From multi-speed smart pumps to LED pool lights, the first benefit of energy-efficient pool equipment is the 80% to 90% savings you can enjoy on your electricity bill. But more efficient equipment can make your life easier too. With eco-friendly cartridge filters, you won’t have to backwash and discharge water and chemicals from the pool.

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