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When Is It A Good Time To Renovate My Pool?


OK. The year that was is almost over. Time to look forward to better times. And what better way to start your swimming-pool-owner heart aflutter than to think about concrete pool renovations.

Just in case you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of the more popular concrete pool renovations you can consider:

  • Pool Coping Replacement - This not only fixes any damaged coping, but gives you the chance to enhance the look of your pool.

  • Pool Tile Replacement - Again, this one will eliminate the eyesore of missing or damaged tile, while having the potential to give your pool a whole new character.

  • Pool Equipment - OK. Maybe not a renovation in the strictest sense, but replacing or upgrading old, inefficient equipment is a reno that can pay for itself over time.

But, regardless of which pool renovation you want to do, there’s one thing you might want to avoid when planning the renovations. While many pool owners think about renovations and upgrades during the winter, they usually think about doing them “...when swimming pool season rolls around...” or “ the spring...”.

Of course, you can choose to renovate your pool any time you like. But there are definitely times that are better than others - if you want to avoid interruptions to what little time you have to swim each year, or waiting for an opening in your pool renovators busy calendar.

The 2 Best Times of Year for Concrete Pool Renovations

You can figure out the best times for pool renovations by the process of elimination. You don’t want to do them in the height of summer, and lose valuable swimming time, and you don’t want to do them in the middle of winter. That leaves spring and fall as the best times to renovate your pool.

  • Pool Renovations in the Spring - The trick with spring-time renovations is to start as early as you can. That way, your pool renovation company is not as likely to be busy, so you’ll get the reno done sooner. There’s nothing wrong with calling your renovators in January or February.

  • Pool Renovations in the Fall - Similar to the spring, you won’t miss any swimming time, and your renovator won’t be as busy in the fall. Very often, there’s even more time to do renovations in the fall.

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