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3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Pool For Heavy Snowfall


As the winter months are around the corner, you know what is coming. Snow! When it snows there are many ways you can prepare your pool for snowfall. Snow can be extremely heavy on pool covers, so you have to make sure it is durable and well maintained.

So, let’s go over some ways you can ensure your pool is ready for snowfall.

Remove Snow Safely

For your own safety throughout the winter, refrain from walking on top of your pool cover. Snow tends to be very heavy when it is piled up, so it is smart not to walk on top. However, you can use a long broom to brush all of the snow off of your pool. This way, your pool cover does not have excess weight on top of it. But, it is important to make sure you do not use any broom or shovel that has sharp edges. This can result in your pool cover being damaged or possibly ripping. You can also use a snowblower if the snow is lightweight.

Remove Any Excess Water

Your pool’s water level should remain at the same level throughout the winter. Maintaining the water level will ensure the pool keeps its shape and will help prevent any leakage. Depending on if you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, where you should keep your water level will vary. However, it is best to keep it below any skimmers to ensure water does not freeze in the pipes, potentially causing damage.

Cut The Cord

Now, cutting the cord is when you are dealing with a worst-case scenario. If there is too much snow or your pool cover seems as though it cannot handle the snow, it is best to cut the cord. This means cutting the pool cover and letting it fall into your pool to prevent any damage. Cutting the cord will also help protect your pool since the cord will tighten and pull inwards.

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