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Should I Leave Water In The Pool In The Winter?

It may seem like common sense to drain your pool for the winter. However, removing all the water from your pool for the winter can actually damage your infrastructure. Leaving some water during the winter can ensure your liner stays intact and with a certain amount of water in the pool, the likelihood of it freezing is slim.

So, let’s go over some benefits of keeping water in your pool during the cold months of the year.


Protect Your Pool Liner

Without water in your pool, your liner can in fact dry out over time. This can lead to the liner fading or potentially softening throughout the winter. Without water, when you fill your pool in the spring or summer, the liner can be so thin and faded that water can seep through and cause damage through those cracks. When you keep water in your pool, with the proper chemicals, it can help prevent freezing and algae from growing. So, it is definitely smart, for your liner’s sake, to keep water in the pool.


Drain The Right Amount Of Water

In order to protect your overall infrastructure, make sure you drain the right amount of water. This can differ based on if you have an in-ground or above-ground pool. An inground pool typically requires the water level to be below the skimmer levels. This way you can clean the plumbing system and prevent any freezing to the pipes. Above-ground pools require less water, which is needed usually just for contraction and expansion within the pool over the winter.


Proper Closing = Easier Opening

Keeping chemicals in the water over the winter can help with the re-opening process. Not only can they prevent algae and freezing, but they will make balancing your pool the following season easier. It also gives you the option to monitor your pool during the winter to ensure nothing is wrong and chemicals are balanced. Pools are not cheap, so you want to make sure it is in proper condition all year round.


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