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How Do I Keep My Pool Clean In The Winter?

If there is anything good about winter, it's that you don’t have to bother with swimming pool maintenance.

Except that’s not really true. If you want to help your pool last longer and make opening the pool easier, you need to practice some pool care and keep an eye on things from when you close the pool in fall, to when you open it again in spring.

How Do I Keep My Pool Clean In The Winter?

3 Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

  1. Keep Your Pool Cover Clean - This can be as difficult a task as any in keeping your pool clean, especially if you don’t have a safety cover. But the less stuff on the surface of your pool cover, the less will end up in your pool for you to clean in the spring.

    Keep the amount of debris, snow and ice on the cover to a minimum. Actually, try to remove snow and water before it freezes into ice. You might need to use a winter cover pump or sump pump to do the job.
  2. Check Your Water Line - You should do this all year round. One of the first signs of a pool leak, even in winter, is the water level dropping for no apparent reason.

  3. Check the Fit of the Cover - Even if you have a water pump keeping the cover clear of water build-up and at least some debris, you still need to check the pool cover. Any small opening along the edges, or tear in the surface, can result in untreated water getting into your pool.

    That can be the source of a number of problems. It can reduce the pool chemical and chlorine levels and affect the water balance and ph Levels. It can also hide the fact that you’re suffering a pool leak. If you suspect a lot of water has seeped into the pool, it may be best to test your pool water, if it's not frozen.

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