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4 Safety Tips For Children Around Pools

Children love the idea of swimming in a pool. And teaching them how to swim is a useful life skill every child could benefit from. However, when your child is younger, they should always be supervised by an adult, even if they’ve had swimming lessons.

Here are 4 safety tips for children around pools.


Explain the Rules

Children need to be told repeatedly what they can and cannot do. When your child is about to swim, make sure you explain the rules. For example, tell them not to run around the pool and not to dive into the shallow end. Explain to them what can happen if they do so. This way, they will understand why they should not break the rules around a pool.


Add a Pool Fence

Children like to explore. And, you don’t want your child to wander near the pool without you there. Adding a pool fence that can only be opened by an adult adds an extra safety precaution to your yard. It can also help keep any pets away from your pool.


Floaties Are Not Reliable

Although floaties help keep your child afloat, they are not equipped for every scenario. A diaper, for example, filled with water can way down your child. Make sure that your child is a strong swimmer even with floaties on. Make sure floaties are properly inflated. And have rescue buoys around your pool.


Don’t Get Distracted

When watching your child swim, be sure to avoid any distractions like a phone. You never know what can happen the second you get distracted. It is always better to have more than one adult supervising the children in case of an emergency. You should also have an emergency plan in place just to be safe.


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